Our Charges

Since 1985

Our fees are charged with reference to a number of factors laid down by the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) guidelines i.e. nature, type and complexity of the matter, value of a transaction, speed of action required and time involved.

We ensure that our clients are informed of the basis on which the fees are to be charged on each matter at the outset whether it is on a fixed fee basis as with commercial matters or at an hourly rate as with litigation matters.

We aim to keep our clients informed of fees and disbursements incurred during the course of a matter and we are always willing to discuss this aspect with our clients on request.

For an Application for a Parental Order under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 we provide a fixed fee for all work undertaken to obtain the Parental Order including attendance at all Court hearings. Please telephone us for more information.

We provide a free initial consultation by telephone in order to briefly assess the prospects of your case. Please contact us in order to speak to a solicitor who can advise you. In addition, we can offer a 30 minute consultation at our offices without charge if necessary.

Any work will be carried out by the most appropriate member of staff and charged on a time basis.

The range of our hourly charge-out rates are as follows:

  • Partner £250 – £300
  • Assistant Solicitors £200
  • Para-legals/Trainees £125

Any fees incurred with third-parties such as Counsel or Consultants will be notified to you in writing before they are instructed.

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