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Family relationships are often taken for granted. Should difficulties or issues arise, getting through them can be a traumatic experience. We will give you objective and sensitive advice to help you understand the relevant law and the means by which such issues can be resolved expeditiously and commercially.

We will work with you in ways that best suit your needs. That may involve us guiding and advising in the background or representing you in the courts. Regardless of how you want to use our services, we will support you and put you and your family’s interests first. It is important to us to help clients to maintain a civil and good working relationship with their former spouse, especially where there are children.

Our divorce lawyers will guide you through the process of agreeing on a divorce financial settlement. In the majority of cases, we will able to help you agree on a divorce settlement voluntarily through mediation, saving you time, money and stress.

Our services includes the following:


  • Applying for a divorce
  • Responding to divorce proceedings
  • Agreeing on a divorce settlement
  • Making arrangements for children
  • Resolving any other issues connected to your divorce
  • Breakdown of relationships
  • Judicial separation
  • Mediation

The assets that are taken into account in a financial settlement as part of the divorce include:

  • the family home and any other property
  • savings and investments
  • joint bank accounts
  • jointly owned business assets
  • Pensions and more


  • Cohabitation and pre-nuptial agreements
  • Division of money
  • Maintenance

Please contact us for a free first appointment by telephone or in person at our offices in order to briefly assess your matter.

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